Find out about the technology benefits of PilotManu

The Pilot Line

PilotManu produced nanostructured powders based on the HEBM technology. The lead partner MBN has developed proprietary knowledge over the years based on a laboratory scale facility. This facility has now been optimised by a new design and scaled-up to enable pilot scale volume production with fine and homogeneous chemical distribution of elements and “ultrafine” crystalline structure.

The nanoscale features of these powders allow significant improvement of material performance such as physical-chemical-mechanical properties compared against bulk scale materials. The new improved pilot line reduces the power consumption by 50% and scales up the production process by a factor of ten up to 100 tons/year per plant.

The benefits of the advanced powders developed by PilotManu will be demonstrated in the three product lines; advanced materials into coatings, abrasive tools and additive manufacturing applications.

Nanostructured Powder

The Nanostructured Powder

Powder Diagram

The nanostructured powders enable new properties to be harnessed in a variety of applications compared to larger micron scale similar composition powders allowing the supply of more affordable material for industry consumption.

This has enabled the production of a wide range of novel systems from polymer nanocomposites, to ceramic metal composites and nanostructured metal alloys.