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Smart Coatings at CPI

Wed Jan 22 09:45:00 2014

Surface engineering and advanced coatings has been identified as one of the 22 national competencies for high value manufacturing. Coatings are used right across the spectrum of the manufacturing and engineering sectors and are vital to the success of British industries.

Smart coating technology has always been a hot topic and the subject of competitive advantage in a wide variety of applications.

It could be a barrier coating for a packaging film application and be transparent but control the ingress and egress of moisture or it could be a coating that can indicate damage on an aero engine or oil and gas platform or even in a composite being used to save weight on an aircraft. They all have smart technology in common, i.e. the coatings react, often reversibly to a stimulus in their environment to deliver something.

This event will offer the opportunity to see where the technology might be in a variety of different applications and to see if there are some common areas where the innovation and/or the commercial adoption are being slowed and where the materials community could make an impact in terms of helping to overcome the barriers.
It is planned that further events might be delivered to look into specific areas that have been identified as important but where there is a need for community input.

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