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Putzier is located in Leichlingen, Germany, and is specialised in the manufacture of high quality mechanical components and complete assemblies (e.g. rotary unions) including thermal sprayed coatings. The privately owned company was founded 1981 by Dr.-Ing. Udo Putzier as a thermal spray job shop and grew continuously since then. Currently about 45 skilled people work in research, sales, quality control and production. Putzier is a founding member of the German society of thermal sprayers (GTS) and certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and GTS.

Putzier has the technology to coat large and small components (1650mm down to 5mm ø) with plasma spraying, HVOF, flame spraying with wire or powder, Cold spray and High Velocity air fuel spraying (HVAF). Putzier can also perform morphological testing of parts via 3D-measuring machines, roughness measuring instruments and form testers document live precision.

In PilotManu, Putzier will define the requirements of wear resistant coatings applications. Coatings of new nanostructured carbide materials will be sprayed by HVOF and HVAF and compared against conventional coatings. The goal is to find the ideal production process for highly performing abrasive resistant surfaces. Finally, the technological and economical qualification of the pilot line with optimized powders and spray processes will be validated.


Putzier, Leichlingen, Germany

Julius-Kronenberg-Straße 3
D-42799 Leichlingen

+49(0)2175. 88 89-0

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