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INOP is a Research Institute established in 1948, dependent on the Ministry of Economy. We deal with elaboration, investigation and implementation of technologies, machines, devices and tools for non-metallurgical metal forming. We carry out research correlated to the preferential strategic directions of Polish state policy and European Research Area, within own statutory activity, national and international research projects. We offer professional elaboration of complex, innovative technological solutions in the range of metal forming, that assure low energy and material consumption. We also provide technical advisory and other training and information services.

In PilotManu, INOP is responsible for the development and pilot manufacturing of diamond abrasive tools, diamond composite tool plates and grooving inserts by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) process. The INOP pilot plant will produce and test pilot batches of abrasive tools. An evaluation of friction and wear properties of the abrasive tools will be made by standard friction tests and grinding technology trials.


INOP, Jana Pawła II nr 14, 61-139 Poznań

Jana Pawła II nr 14,
61-139 Poznań

61 657 05 55

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