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IMPACT INNOVATIONS GmbH was founded in 2010 and is an innovative company in the field of cold spray and mechanical engineering. Specialized in R&D of cold spray applications, IMPACT is moving to the next level and now is producing a new innovative high pressure cold spray unit as well as new components, nozzles and spare parts for the field of cold spray. A general goal of IMPACT is to be leaders in the technology of cold spraying.

Impact Innovations key role within the PilotManu project is to perform the cold spraying trials and test batch production for the new materials and advanced applications in order to provide a concept of upscaling the productivity of the cold spray process for serial production.


Impact Innovations GmbH, Buergermeister-Steinberger-Ring 1 D-84431 Haun/Rattenkirchen, Germany

Impact Innovations GmbH
Buergermeister-Steinberger-Ring 1
D-84431 Haun/Rattenkirchen

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