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Europe identified within its innovation priorities the necessity to scale up the most promising material production technology to pilot production level in order to progress towards industrial manufacturing using cutting edge materials in novel new processes.

Manufacturing facilities for the production of advance and nano structured materials by high energy ball milling (HEBM) suffers from low productivity and high cost which is a key barrier for its application in the wider commercial market sectors.

PilotManu addressed this manufacturing gap by scaling up and building a new pilot production line for the production of nanostructured and advance materials, based on the consortium’s IPR and expertise.

PilotManu cuts across many technology areas including Nanotechnology Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Advanced Materials and has helped to transform the European manufacturing sector.

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PilotManu demonstrated the beneficial use of novel nanostructured materials to create new business opportunities for the consortium’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which represents the entire supply chain in bringing new products and technologies to market.

The business opportunities encompassed the production of pilot volumes of cost-effective nanostructured materials used in three product lines: coatings obtained by thermal spraying, polymer and metal composites for rapid prototyping and additive micro manufacturing components, and abrasive tools by sintering.

The new pilot plant developed by PilotManu enabled increased productivity while lowering production costs which was key to allow the adoption of these materials into new innovative applications.


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